Wholesale Supply

Shaalimar a wide assortment of wholesale rice products from all over the globe. Rice ppowder items is the principal food for about half the world’s population. standards of quality and our streamlined supply chain at International level.

Shaalimar specializing in food product service. We have been providing quality products and service to the food service industry. Our company offers the highest quality products in the food service industry today.

Retail Supply

We specialize in several varieties Rice powder items we have become one of leading suppliers of food products. Our Product is processed using the latest agricultural technology and graded to the highest quality grades possible. Products are distributed in international.

Furthermore, valuing our customers, providing them with the best quality along with first class service, and treating them like family has been a big part of our success over many years. Hence, this approach has allowed us to expand our customer base and establish our company into a leading supplier of rice powder.


As a result, we have a committed network of growers. We provide the highest quality food products, service, and value in the food service industry.Export  its employees are proud to contribute in helping feed the world. We ask you to join our family of customers and learn why quality agriculture means good food!